Writers Guild of Canada Agreement

The WGC/CMPA IPA has been negotiated and ratified and will enter into force on 1 July 2019. The full agreement is now available below. The 2015-2017 DPI has been extended until June 30, 2019. All terms and forms of the agreement remain as follows, with the exception of the script fee, which increased by 1% on January 1, 2018. The new price sheet can be found below. A new tool that allows screenwriters to be better informed about each feature film project. In addition to the Independent Production Agreement (API), the WGC has also entered into agreements with the CBC, the NFB and several broadcasters (broadcasting agreements are only relevant for in-house production). To obtain copies of the agreement you need, please contact the WGC at (416) 979-7907 or 1-800-567-9974 or email info@wgc.ca . . . Scripting material contracted for: __ Article E1 – Recognition, application and conditionsArticle E2 – Termsarticle E3 – General conditionsArticle E4 – Rates and conditions of engagement The new IPA (2012-2014) is now available in PDF format by clicking on the link below to refer to it. (Agreement) for INDEPENDENT SCREENWRITERS OF TELEVISION PROGRAMS OF MOTION PICTURES AND OTHER PRODUCTIONS between the WRITERS GUILD OF CANADA (the Guild) and the CANADIAN FILM AND TELEVISION PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION (CFTPA) (the Association)February 17, 2003 to December 31, 2005 The WGAW is here to help members resolve issues arising from this global health crisis.

Article D1 – Conditions of engagementArticle D2 – Minimum remunerationArticle D3 – Rights of distribution and use 2003 WRITERS GUILD OF CANADA and CANADIAN FILM AND TELEVISION PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION Article B1 – Conditions of engagement for all types of programmesArticle B2 – Optional Bibles, script/programme developmentArticle B3 – © Options Note:Capitalised words in this Agreement indicate that these particular terms are defined in Article A2 and/or Article E2 are. WGC Independent Production Agreement (IPA) 2012-2014 Please note that the following companies and individuals have been added to the list of strikes/injustices. Article C1 – Feature filmsArticle C2 – Optional incentive scheme for feature filmsArticle C3 – Television production (telefilms)Article C4 – Television production (except telefilms)Article C5 – Television documentaryArticle C6 – Television diversity, panel, game and quiz-scufflesArticle C7 – Television magazine broadcastsArticle C8 – Daily television drama seriesArticle C9 – Television continuityArticle C10 – Production feeArticle C11 – Distribution feeArticle C12 – Travel expenses, travel time paid and Risk insurance. Article 1 – Recognition and scope of the AgreementArticle 2 – DefinitionsArticle 3 – Remuneration and transfersArticle 4 – Administrative costsArticle 5 – Insurance and pension scheme and deductions for animation authors and publishers of animated storiesArticle 6 – Publishers of animated storiesArticle 7 – TerminationArticle 8 – CopyrightArticle 9 – Complaint and arbitrationArticle 10 – Credits and credit arbitrationArticle 11 – TermBlended Agreement on recognition of production goods for animation producersNote on the planned drafting of credits Excessive amounts payable if: __ A database of GTAW members that helps employers find an author by providing a searchable directory of contact information. . Script fee: $________ See the nominees for the writers Guild Awards 2022 TV, New Media, News, Radio/Audio and Promo Writing.Article A1 – Recognition, application and durationArticle A2 – DefinitionsArticle A3 – General provisionsArticle A4 – No strikes and abusive explanationArticle A5 – Complaint procedure and settlementArticle A6 – Speculative drafting, examples of unsolicited pages and scriptsArticle A7 – Copyright and contracts; Guarantees, indemnities and rightsArticle A8 – Story publishers and history consultantsArticle A9 – CreditsArticle A10 – Security of paymentsArticle A11 – PaymentsArticle A12 – Administration costsArticle A13 – Insurance and pensions, Deductions from copyright feesArticle A14 – Contributions and deductions of author`s expenses in the event of a waiver. . Specify the following: ___ Foreign levies are fees levied abroad to compensate rights holders. These community standards were formulated to establish expectations common to all members.

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